Country Houses Making A Stylish Wedding Backdrop

Congratulations - you are getting married! One of your first concerns is probably where to tie the knot, and if you aren't especially religious, a church wedding just may not appeal.

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The Advantages of a Manor House Wedding

If you are looking for civil wedding venues leicestershire and most other UK counties have dozens of suitable places, ranging from castles and manor houses to smaller and more intimate stately homes. Getting married in a country manor house offers several benefits and can assure a memorable experience for couples and guests. If you are inviting a lot of guests, a manor house has the obvious advantage of offering a lot more space, both for the actual ceremony and the reception. And getting married in a manor house often means that the reception can be held in the same building and eliminating the need for transportation between the two. You will probably need to book a separate venue for your reception if you choose to get married in a church, and then book often costly transportation for your guests. If you choose a manor house that offers accommodation too, it also eliminates much of the extra work needed in booking rooms somewhere else.

An Elegant Atmosphere

Of course, couples want their big day to be as memorable as possible, and the right venue can make a big difference to the overall experience. Some churches, especially smaller ones can lack the facilities that you need to accommodate dozens of guests, and can sometimes feel rather cold and uninviting. Getting married in a country manor house means surrounding yourself with fine furnishings, including tapestries and other wall decorations, and most exude a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere. As well as the space to comfortably accommodate a large number of guests, you can also expect good food; many manor houses and castle wedding venues pride themselves on the quality of their food. The accommodation is often elegant and luxurious, and if you need a beautiful background for your wedding pictures, look no further than the garden, often complete with fountains, stonework and other decorative features.

Many of the UK's manor houses have branched out into offering wedding packages, and to have the wedding venue, reception room and accommodation under one roof is clearly more convenient. And booking everything as a package can often save hundreds of pounds on the cost of your wedding. For an elegant venue, consider one of Britain's historic and beautiful manor houses.